About Us

For over 125 years, Mercers have been stewards of the same land in Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills. We got our start in livestock and row crops.  In 1972, we planted the first wine grapes in the acclaimed Horse Heaven Hills AVA.  Now, our diversified operations span a 12,000 acre farm along the Columbia River.

At Mercer Ranches, we consider ourselves Agriculturalists.  More than viticulturists or farmers, agriculturalists are modern experts in the field of agriculture.  We are stewards of our land, caring for and enhancing its’ environmental and social value, always striving to provide a life more abundant for all.  Utilizing all available knowledge and technology, we create harmony in the ecosystem of our farm, and produce wines that demonstrate the unique terroir of the Horse Heaven Hills with a sense of balance.   – Rob Mercer

The Mercer Motto – Protect & Respect the Land

We, the family and employees of Mercer Ranches are grateful, respectful and humbled by the hard work and commitment of the previous four generations. We are aware of our responsibility to continue to protect and respect the land; nurturing the best out of our farmland, vineyards and wines; and we are excited and hopeful for what the next generation will build upon.

Mission Statement
We operate our business in such a way that it supports and enhances the next generation’s ability to provide agricultural products for the community which it serves. We do this by providing leadership in building a business based on sustainable and balanced operations. We strive to create a work environment that attracts the best and the brightest now and in the future. We do all of this to receive a fair return for our work.