Mercer Estates, Farm Map

Our family farm lies within the Horse Heaven Hills of eastern Washington State.  The Columbia River acts as the southern border and the Horse Heaven Hills extend as far as the eye can see in every other direction – a truly breathtaking view.

Since 1886, we have farmed the fertile soil of this high desert plateau and today we grow a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables, including  potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, kale and wine grapes.

“We practice farming with balance.  Every decision we make, every day of the year with regards to our agricultural practices incorporates balance.  There is always the possibility of adding too much or giving too little when nurturing a plant to produce its highest quality and most abundant fruit.  Balancing the care of the plant today with the care of the ecosystem that it thrives in from year to year always weighs heavily on our minds.”    – Rob Mercer

In our farming and winery practices, we uphold the long-standing belief that sustainability and conservation are the single most important factors in the continued success of our operations. Sustainability practices focus on water management, soil and fertility management, integrated pest management, waste management and research. Conservation efforts emphasize energy management, wildlife habitat improvement, native plant protection, weed suppression, water management and soil protection.


In addition to 6,800 acres of agricultural land, we have set aside 2,500 acres for native vegetation and wildlife. There are 15 areas throughout the farm actively managed as habitat. Many areas include natural waterways and ponds to benefit fish and waterfowl species.


We also host an active aviary nursery program on our land.  Annually, hundreds of male and female pheasant and chucker are released at Mercer Canyons in an effort to develop self-sustaining populations.

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Sustainability & Conservation Practices Summary


  • 2010 Environmental Stewardship Award by the National Potato Council and EPA, Mercer Canyons
  • 2010 Wildlife Habitat Farmer of the Year Award, Mercer Canyons
  • 2010 Environmental Excellence award by the Association of Washington Business, Mercer Estates

    The FIRST EVER WINERY to win this award, Mercer Estates was recognized for its energy and water conservation, integrated pest management, solid waste management, soil protection, wildlife habitat improvement and continued effort to research and promote the development of sustainable agriculture.