Row Crops

Lead by a sincere dedication to protect and respect this land, Mercer uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance plant health, growth and harvest. Our goal is to grow the highest yielding crops with the least impact to our environment.

Since the early 1980′s, we have dedicated a large percentage of our crop rotation to traditional and organic carrots. Mercer Ranches has proven to be an ideal growing location for carrots in the Northwest. We grow BOTH organic carrots and sustainably farmed carrots. Our sandy soils and mild climate grows large, tasty carrots quickly.

From 1982 until 2004, Mercer Ranches operated a carrot packing facility producing baby carrots, juice carrots, frozen carrots and fresh market carrots.

In 2004 the carrot packing operation was sold to Bolthouse Farms. Mercer Ranches changed its name to Mercer Ranches but still grows carrots for Bolthouse Farms’ Mercer Ranch facility. We also provide carrots to juicers, baby food producers and frozen and dried food processors.

Potatoes are a cornerstone crop for Mercer Ranches. We have supplied processors and fresh markets since the early 1970′s.

The nutrient rich, sandy soils of the Horse Heaven Hills allow for ideal potato growth, while the climate eliminates much of the risk of disease.

We grow potatoes organically and with sustainable farming methods. Most are sent to processors for use in french fries, hashbrowns and tater tots. We also grow fresh market organic potatoes for local markets.

Potato varieties grown include: Shepodies, Rangers, Umatillas, Alturas, Burbanks, Yukon Golds, Colorado Reds & Norkotahs.

Mercer Ranches grows 300 acres of sustainably farmed and organic garlic seed each year – planted in September and harvested the following August. Our seed is cracked and shipped to California and Nevada, where it is planted to produce the next fresh garlic crop.

Mercer grows hot, intensely-flavored onions. These are dehydrated and made into onion powder and onion flakes. Our long hot days make the farm an ideal location for growing these types of onions. We grow this crop by traditional, sustainable farming methods, as well as organically.

Corn and Bean Seed
We grow about 700 acres of sweet corn seed and 500 acres of green bean seed for a large international seed producer. Our farm is ideally situated for corn seed, being isolated from other farms that grow corn. This helps prevent seed contamination.

Alfalfa is grown on about 700 acres of  our farm each year. Most is sold to local dairies for milk production. Our climate and soil are perfect for growing high-quality alfalfa.

We grow about five acres of kale each year for a customer who juices the product to ship to Japan, where it is used as a vegetable juice ingredient.

Mercer Ranches grows 10 to 20 acres of Broccoli each year for a customers who juices the product to ship to Japan for use as a vegetable juice ingredient.

600 acres of soft white winter wheat are grown each year. This wheat is a good rotation crop as it helps build up the organic matter in the soil after it’s harvested.