Cavalie Vineyard

Captain Alexander Cavalie Mercer was a hero in the famous battle of Waterloo.  This vineyard is named in honor of his heroism.  Cavalie Vineyard is also home to BLOCK 93, dedicated to the modern day heroes of Flight 93, who died fighting on September 11th, 2001.

LOCATION: Alderdale Region (35 miles SW of Prosser, WA)

APPELLATION: Horse Heaven Hills

YEAR PLANTED: 2010-2012

SIZE: 375 acres, 18 blocks – including BLOCK 93

ELEVATION: 770 – 870 ft.

VARIETALS: Cabernet Sauvignon 65%, Merlot 35%

SOIL SERIES: Warden Silt Loam is very deep, well drained and formed in lacustrine sediments with a mantle of loess. Lacustrine deposits are very well sorted, devoid of coarse particles such as coarse sand or gravels, and are characterized by thin layers that reflect annual deposition of sediments. Still water in lakes permits very fine particles (fine sand, silt, and clay) to settle out and to form lacustrine deposits. These deposits get exposed by elevation of old lake beds. The Cavalie Warden Silt Loam has 0-4 inches brown silt loam, 4 to 21 inches pale brown silt loam, 21-60 inches a pale brown silt loam and very fine sandy loam. Loess in the Horse Heaven Hills is an aeolian (process of the wind’s ability to shape the surface of the earth) sediment formed by the accumulation of wind-blown dust.

MICRO-CLIMATE: Warm – Long Term Average GDD 3054.  Semi-Arid – Annual rainfall averages 6-9 inches, primarily in the winter months

AVERAGE YIELD: 4-5 tons per acre

ASPECT: Predominantly south-west and southern row orientation

UNIQUE ASPECTS: Above Alderdale Canyon with excellent drainage

SPACING: 8’x6’

TRELLIS: Vertical Shoot Positioned 2 fixed wires and 4 movable wires

WINES FROM THIS VINEYARD: Eagle & Plow Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Estates Cabernet Sauvignon

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