Spice Cabinet Vineyard

Spice Cabinet Vineyard, a unique 18-acre site, sits adjacent to the Columbia River on the Mercer family farm. A deep sandy soil that has blown over the rock bluffs above & a steep south east aspect create site characteristics that are similar to areas in the Rhone. Planted with a wide-array of varietals, this vineyard truly is our winery’s spice cabinet.

LOCATION: Alderdale Region (35 miles SW of Prosser, WA)

APPELLATION: Horse Heaven Hills

YEAR PLANTED: 2009-2010

SIZE: 18 acres, 5 blocks

ELEVATION: 450-500 ft.

VARIETALS: Malbec 32%, Cabernet Sauvignon 29%, Grenache 10%, Petit Verdot 7%, Sangiovese 6%, Syrah 6%, Petit Syrah 5%, Merlot 4%, Mourvedre 2%

SOIL SERIES: Quincy; generally associated with excessively drained, coarse textured soils on dune-like terraces. The parent material was windblown sand derived from granite, basalt and quartzite.

MICRO-CLIMATE: Warm – Long Term Average GDD 3054.  Semi-Arid – Annual rainfall averages 6-9 inches, primarily in the winter months

AVERAGE YIELD: 4-5 tons per acre

ASPECT: Row orientation adjusts according to slop; west to east and north to south

UNIQUE ASPECTS: Proximity to the Columbia River ensures constant movement of airflow which provides the advantage of extra frost free days and lower mildew pressure

WINES FROM THIS VINEYARD: Estates Grenache, Estates Malbec, Estates Mourvedre, Estates Petit Verdot, Estates Sangiovese, Estates Rosé, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve Ode to Brothers, Reserve Cavalie, Reserve Syrah, Reserve Malbec

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